Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

George Kent has the proven track record and technical capabilities that enable it to meet the exacting needs of its Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) customers. Committed to helping its OEM customers achieve sustainable growth, George Kent works closely with them to develop the design plan and technical specifications with precision, adding its experience to ensure industry-leading products. With OEM manufacturing, George Kent is able to reach optimal efficiency and productivity at its plant, leading the way in a collaborative ‘factory within a factory’.

George Kent will build on its strength, expertise and capabilities for the purpose of transforming its operations to remain as a world-class OEM. From concepts to finished products, George Kent has the knowledge, capability and resources to help customers in the following areas:

  • product and mould design capabilities for brass hot forging.
  • hot forging production and machinery that meet required specifications.
  • assembly and sub assembly works.
  • supply and production of brass items.
  • inspection equipment and facilities.

Today, the Group has clients from more than 30 countries including United Arab Emirates, Arab Saudi, Colombia, Bahrain, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Qatar, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Oman, Australia, Jordan, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Spain, India, Germany, South Africa, Korea and several others.